Why Board Certification Matters

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When selecting a facial plastic surgeon, there are several factors that many people consider important. These include the doctor’s portfolio, the cost of the procedure, and even the location of the doctor’s practice. Unfortunately, however, some patients do not do their due diligence and check for what should be one of – if not the – most important factors in selecting a doctor: board certification.

Board certification is a voluntary certification that many doctors choose to obtain in their specified field. Dr. Sanovich is board certified in both maxillofacial surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. You may be wondering why board certification is so important. Here’s what you should know about board certification.

What Is Board Certification?

Board certification is a special certification that many doctors choose to have in addition to their medical license. Issued by peer review, doctors must pass additional annual training and testing to receive and maintain their board certification. Board certification is designed to assure the patient that their doctor is continuing his or her education and is well trained in current techniques and best practices. In fact, a doctor can lose his or her board certification if they do not attend this training or adhere to the standards of the board.

What Is Board Eligible?

Occasionally, you may hear the term “board eligible,” but don’t confuse this with board certification. Board eligible can mean one of two things, but they are important distinctions. First, board eligible can mean that a doctor has undergone the proper training and passed his or her board certification exam and is awaiting the certificate, or it could mean he or she has taken the training but failed the certification exam. If you encounter this, we recommend you contact the board the practitioner is eligible for to find out the backstory. In fact, you can even call a medical board to check and see if a doctor’s board certification is valid if you have any questions or concerns.

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