The Canfield Vectra Difference

woman looking at skin in the mirror

Let’s “face” facts: It can be difficult to envision your surgical results prior to having your procedure. From laser resurfacing to rhinoplasty, until you’ve had it done how can you really know what to expect? Seeing other patients’ before and after photos is often very helpful, but unless you can envision it on your own face, it can be hard to imagine how a procedure will look on you.

Thankfully, as technology continues to improve, so too does imaging equipment and its possibilities. In fact, what if we told you there was a way to not just imagine but to envision what your results will look like on your own face, before your surgery? There is – and it’s called the Canfield Vectra.

The Canfield Vectra imaging system offers you, the patient, a 3D preview of your post-surgical results – before you ever set foot in the operating room. Dr. Sanovich uses the Canfield Vectra in his practice to help patients get a preview of what they can expect when undergoing a procedure with him and his team. Here are just a few of the amazing things the Canfield Vectra system can do.

Filter Colors

The Canfield Vectra can actually filter color from your image to help you visualize what your skin might look like after procedures such as the CO2 laser that are designed to reduce redness or brown spots on the skin.

Skin Tracking

Using what is known as markerless tracking, the Vectra can track and map the surface of the skin to help you better visualize texture changes following your procedure.

Accurate Measurements

The accurate measurement function of the Vectra can help you visualize changes in your face following procedures such as rhinoplasty, neck liposuction, chin genioplasty, and more by showing you what your face will look like following any bone movement or bone or cartilage reduction.

Skin Volume Changes

Useful for procedures like face-lifts, the volume measurement can show you what your face will look like by allowing you to visualize the “degree of contour change” your face will experience following your procedure.

Dr. Sanovich offers the Canfield Vectra system to his patients considering facial cosmetic surgery procedures. To schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Sanovich at (972) 914-3660