Common Myths About Botox - Debunked!

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ust like there are myths about procedures like chin reshaping, Botox, which has been done for many years now, is still surrounded by misconceptions that discourage people from getting it. Let’s admit it – when someone says “Botox,” the majority of the people will immediately think of celebrities and rich people clinging on to their youth through expensive procedures. Either that or you cringe at the thought of those botched procedures that are sometimes featured on shows – ones that are usually done by someone inexperienced, untrained, and uncertified to perform it.

But what really is Botox? Simply put, Botox is a purified protein that is derived from botulin which is a bacterial toxin. It is a muscle relaxer that offers rejuvenating effects when injected in certain areas of a patient’s face.

But what is Botox not? In this post, Dallas Surgical Arts talks about some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Botox:

Botox Will Give You Botulism

As mentioned above, Botox is derived from a bacterial toxin. Perhaps, for this reason, many people fear that it will give them botulism. Here’s the thing, though. Botulism cannot come from Botox treatment injections. One thing you should know about Botox is that it won’t travel throughout the body. In fact, one of the reasons it is favored by people who get them is that they do not go beyond their injection site.

When performed by a board-certified dermatologist – Botox is not only a proven solution for aging skin, but it’s a very safe option, too. That said, you should be warned against mail-order DIY Botox Kits or shady “technicians” who offer to do cheap Botox parties for you and your friends.

Your Face Will Freeze From Botox

Thanks to Hollywood movies, Botox has gotten a bad rep for making your face look frozen or expressionless. Again, this boils down to proper administration. When done correctly, you’ll get the results you want and your facial expressions, too. Seasoned dermatologists know the exact amount that should be used for every single patient. This is a tailored solution, you know. Just because your friend received a certain number of units and you liked the results, that doesn’t mean you’ll need or get the same number of units. That’s not how it works. Remember that the frozen look comes from poor injection and too much Botox.

Botox Is an Irreversible Procedure, So You Have to Live With the Result Whether or Not You Like It

If for any reason, you are unhappy with the initial results, you can actually do something about it. It is NOT permanent. That’s why it is recommended for people who want to maintain their youthful appearance to get their treatments several times a year. Note, though, that before you rush back to the clinic to reverse your Botox, give it a few days to settle because that’s how long it takes for the treatment to show the full effect.

Botox Is Just for Vanity

While it cannot be denied that many people who receive Botox do so for cosmetic reasons, you should know that it’s not the only purpose of Botox. In fact, when it was approved first by the FDA back in 1989, it was intended as a treatment for various medical conditions. For instance, it is FDA approved to administer Botox for people with these conditions, among others:

Cervical dystonia
Chronic migraines
Eyelid muscle spasms
Excessive underarm sweating
Limb spasticity
Neck spasms
Overactive bladder


As you can see, none of these myths are true. It is only due to media and stereotyping that Botox got a negative reputation when in fact, it offers a lot of benefits to people. If you are held back by any of these myths or others you might have heard about, do your homework and check with a reputable doctor to know the real deal about the treatment you want to receive. And besides, it’s really up to you to get any procedure that you want (given that your physician gives you a thumbs up), be it Botox, a cosmetic double jaw surgery, or others. The important thing is that you get these procedures from an actual doctor – someone who is reputable and is trained and certified to perform them.

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