How to Encourage Recovery and Good Results After Botox

before and after botox

While Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, you still need to be mindful of recovery. That’s because the first 24 hours after getting Botox are crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of the results. So, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when recovering after having Botox.

Don’t Lay Down During the First Four Hours Post-Botox

As Botox begins to take effect, the muscles around your treated area will start to relax. This means that your forehead may feel less tight, and you may start to notice your nose breathing a little easier. It’s a good thing.

What’s not so good is that this loosening of the muscles around the area can lead to a bit of droopiness. Your face may start to look a little less firm, especially if the Botox was administered to a larger part of your face.

It’s important to avoid lying down for about four hours after having Botox. The eyelid area has the greatest tendency to slump, so you need to be especially careful not to lay flat after the procedure.

Don’t Wear Makeup for at Least a Day

You may want to go out and show off your new, fresh face, but you need to be careful here. The skin around the area that was treated can become very sensitive to the sun, so you should apply sunscreen before going outside. You should also avoid makeup for the first day or two after your treatment.

You can put on makeup for the first time about 12 hours after treatment. However, don’t try to use a concealer or foundation for about a week. You should also carefully apply your makeup so as not to pull on the eyelids and weaken the effect of Botox.

Avoid Exercise for at Least 24 Hours

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, Botox is perfectly safe for you to exercise after. However, since Botox is injected into the muscles of your face, you should allow the injection site to heal before starting a new exercise routine.

Remember, if you exercise too soon after having Botox, you can actually retighten the muscles around your face and undo some of the work that the Botox had done. So, be careful to space out exercise routine changes for at least 24 hours after having Botox injections.

Don’t Sleep on the Injection Site

It may be tempting to just go to bed after having Botox injections, but you need to resist the urge. It can be critically important to your recovery if you sleep on your back for at least the first night. Sleeping on your back will allow the Botox to spread to other muscles in your face. If you sleep on your side, the Botox is more likely to pool in the injection site and not spread to surrounding muscles.

If you do happen to sleep on your face anyway, you may notice some triggering of the treated areas. However, this is not a cause for alarm. Triggering is a normal effect of sleeping on the injected area.

Final Thoughts

There’s really not much to do but wait it out once you have Botox injections. The effects will last for about three months, and most people who have Botox will hardly notice a difference in how they look. However, it is important to try to do your best to stick to a recovery routine in the hours and days after your injections. Taking care of your body will make for more effective and longer-lasting results.

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