Can Jaw Surgery Correct Sleep Apnea?

Jaw Surgery before and after

“Sleep apnea.” You’ve heard the term, but what does it really mean? Simply put, obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tongue is pushed to the back of the throat, blocking the airway and decreasing the flow of oxygen to the brain during sleep. Once oxygen is low enough, the patient is startled awake and sleep patterns are disrupted. Many patients do not realize the severity of sleep apnea, as the cycle of low oxygen levels to the brain can cause serious cardiovascular damage, fatigue, and depression.

When non-surgical options like CPAP machines are ineffective, patients can visit Dallas Surgical Arts where Dr. Sanovich will conduct a thorough exam to determine if jaw repositioning surgery is necessary to treat their sleep apnea symptoms. Although jaw repositioning (orthognathic surgery) is an intense procedure, all of our patients agree that it is worth enduring for the amazing results. Patients can expect relief from their poor sleep cycles, improved breathing and speech, increased energy, and mental clarity.

Dr. Sanovich has performed multiple orthognathic surgeries each month throughout 2019 alone! This not only displays his passion for oral and maxillofacial surgery but his dedication to helping our patients resume their normal, healthy lives through reliable, surgical methods.

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