The Many Benefits of Rhinoplasty

woman touching nose smiling

If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or, yes, even the functionality of your nose, you may be the perfect candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Sanovich. The word rhinoplasty literally means “nose form,” or in other words, to form the nose into a more desired shape.

The most commonly performed facial cosmetic surgery procedure (over 200,000 performed in 2019 in the United States), rhinoplasties remain an incredibly popular choice for many reasons. One of those is purely cosmetic: Changing the shape of your nose can affect the look of your entire face.

But did you know that rhinoplasties aren’t just for looks? They can also improve the way your nose works and help alleviate some common nasal problems. Here’s how a rhinoplasty procedure could potentially help you.

Look Good, Feel Good

Let’s face it – if we don’t look good, we don’t always feel good about ourselves. That’s why improving the areas of the body that we don’t feel comfortable with can actually be good for our mental health. Self-esteem is a real thing, and when it’s low, it can cause problems like depression and anxiety. A rhinoplasty procedure can change the shape and size of your nose to something more desirable or that “fits” your face better, improving your self-esteem in the process!

Correct Damage

For some people, past nasal injuries can cause lots of problems – including changing the aesthetic of the nose. A broken nose can heal crooked or change the sound of your voice if there are any blockages that remain after the incident. A rhinoplasty can attempt to restore a damaged nose back to its pre-injury shape or create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Improve Breathing

Maybe you’ve heard people say they underwent a procedure to correct a medical problem like a deviated septum. The truth is, a septum-straightening procedure is not cosmetic – and it is a different procedure from a rhinoplasty. But both procedures can be done at the same time if necessary. That being said, rhinoplasties can still improve breathing functionality by changing the shape and size of the nose. So whether you have a deviated septum or not, a rhinoplasty may improve how you breathe through your nose.

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