Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelids have anatomical features that tend to minimize the natural crease that forms in other ethnicities.  The upper Asian eyelid can be beautiful in its simplicity, but the lack of definition, or well-formed lid crease, can create a sleepy appearance in some individuals. This sleepy appearance motivates some individuals to seek surgery to create a crease that will harmonize with their face and beautify their eyes.  A well-defined upper eyelid crease can help create beautiful, youthful, happy eyes.

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Why Is Upper Asian Eyelid Surgery Different?

For most non-Asian individuals, upper eyelid surgery is performed to remove excess loose skin to make the eyes look younger.  However, many Asians request surgery to create a crease in the upper eyelid to create a more dramatic, energetic look.

The typical Asian eyelid crease is lower and less well defined than those seen in other ethnicities.  In addition, the contour of the crease may be different and have a much greater effect on the overall esthetic appearance.  Therefore, the surgical goals and techniques are different. evaluates the specific anatomy of each Asian eyelid surgery patient, and discusses the esthetic goals in detail with each patient. He helps each patient decide exactly how high the lid crease should be, and what crease contour will look best for them.

When the upper eyelid crease is incomplete or non-existent, just a small reduction in the upper eyelid skin, and very precise surgery, can crease a crisp, energetic looking upper lid. The crease can be kept quite subtle or can be created with more detail.  Patients can decide how they would like their crease to look, and Drs. Sanovich or Sanovich will perform the surgery to get the desired result.  With Asian eyelid surgery there is very little down time or discomfort. Drs. Sanovich or Sanovich particularly enjoys performing these creative, and very effective, procedures.

How Is An Upper Eyelid Crease Created?

performs this surgery under a light general anesthetic in our in-office surgical suite.  Asian eyelid surgery is different from other eyelid surgery.  In young patients, little skin is removed, sometimes no skin is removed, and usually no muscle or fat is removed.  In older individuals with loose skin, more skin as well as fat and muscle may be removed as needed to create the most beautiful, youthful eyelids.

Drs. Sanovich or Sanovich uses radiosurgery to make tiny incisions along the desired line of the upper eyelid crease.  If necessary, excess skin is removed using a special laser, which prevents almost all bruising.  The skin margin may be sutured to the deep tissue with permanent sutures to create a deeper, more noticeable crease, or removable sutures may be placed to create a subtle crease.  The removable sutures are left in place for about ten days.  There is usually no bruising, but there is mild swelling, which may take several weeks to disappear.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Most patients are back to their normal routines within a day or two, although the sutures are visible and are not removed for about ten days. There will be some mild swelling, and occasionally some bruising occurs.  There is usually very little discomfort.  The lids will look quite good in two weeks,  but, complete healing with development of the final improvement may take several months.

Makeup should not be applied to the upper lid until two days after the sutures are removed.  Makeup applied to the suture line before the sutures are removed may permanently discolor the skin.  Our esthetician will assist you with makeup application to help hide any bruising, and will give you guidance regarding skin care as you heal.

Strenuous activity should be limited for a week after surgery to help prevent additional swelling that may occur if you raise your blood pressure substantially.  All other activities can be resumed as your healing progresses.

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