Midface Lift

The midface is the area between the lower eyelids and the upper lip. In youth, this area is full and round and there is a subtle groove extending from the base of the nose toward the corner of the mouth. As we age and sun damage reduces the elasticity of our skin and fullness of our cheeks, the midface can become flat and a deep groove can develop. A midface lift repositions the cheek tissue toward its youthful position, reduces the depth of the cheek fold, elevates the corners of the mouth, and recreates a happy, youthful contour. The midface lift is particularly appropriate for those aged 30 to 50 who do not need a full facelift but who would benefit from higher, fuller cheeks. The procedure is usually combined with a browlift, however it can be performed alone.

Fat transfer or injectable fillers are alternatives to the midface lift, or they can be combined with a midface lift for even more improvement. The fat or fillers will fill the cheeks and areas under the eyes to reestablish a youthful, rested, happy face.

The Midface Lift Procedure

The midface lift is performed under a light general anesthetic. A long lasting local anesthetic is also used to maintain optimal comfort during recovery. The hair in the temples is parted and an incision is made through the skin. A tunnel is created under the skin extending down to the cheek. Another incision is made inside the mouth above the upper teeth. The tissue is loosened and a resorbable suture is passed through the cheek fat pad on each side and brought up through the incisions in the temples. A gentle pull on the suture lifts the cheek tissue to the desired height. The suture is secured to the underlying tissue to support the tissue as it heals in the new position. The healing process holds the cheek in the new position after the suture dissolves. The incisions in the hair and inside the mouth heal without any visible evidence.

Fat or fillers are injected at the end of the procedure to fill any residual flat or depressed areas. The lips and the areas around the mouth can be augmented, and any depressions in front of the jowls can be filled to help hide the jowls.
There is some temporary swelling and tightness in the cheeks, and there is usually mild bruising under the eyes. There is usually only mild discomfort.

Midface Lift Results

This relatively simple procedure can produce dramatic improvements in the center of the face. No neck improvement is produced by these procedures, but, if needed, neck liposuction and muscle tightening can transform the neck to restore the contours of youth.

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