Revive Facelift (Comprehensive Lift)

Comprehensive Facelift in Dallas

Dr. Randy Sanovich offers a comprehensive facelift procedure, the Revive Facelift, that tightens, plumps, and rejuvenates. The Revive Facelift is a combination of a Traditional Facelift with the compounded treatments of Fat Transfer and a CO2 laser resurfacing. Fat transfer will round out the facial contours by filling depressed areas, grooves and folds to create a more youthful, natural, athletic appearance with less surgery and less down time. After replacing lost fat and collagen, the CO2 can remove fine to moderately deep lines and scars, even-out color irregularities, improve texture, tighten the skin, and increase skin elasticity to a more youthful level.

When combining three gold standard treatments, patients can experience procedure time to be 4+ hours and tend to recover for 2 – 4 weeks. The Revive Facelift is ideal for patients with advanced skin and neck laxity, jowling, deep wrinkles, and volume loss, looking for facial skin resurfacing, and youthful rejuvenation.

Before & After Revive Facelift

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