Correct Misshapen Ears or Sagging and Stretched Earlobes in Dallas

Correct Misshapen Ears or Sagging and Stretched Earlobes in Dallas

Not sure how to get rid of sagging earlobes or stretched ears? Want to change or correct misshapen ears? Then you may want to consider cosmetic ear surgery like lobuloplasty or otoplasty at Dallas Surgical Arts.

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, and lobuloplasty, or lobe repair, are both surgical procedures designed to improve the shape, proportion, and overall appearance of the ears. Otoplasty reshapes and repositions the ears, while lobuloplasty reduces the size and corrects deformities of the earlobes.

Keep reading to find out more about these popular cosmetic procedures!

Regaining Self-Confidence with Otoplasty and Lobuloplasty in Dallas

Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear surgery, is a great solution to give your ears a makeover! If you're self-conscious about your ears being too large, sticking out, or having an odd shape, then this might be the option for you. Otoplasty procedures are designed to give your ears a more stylish shape and tuck them closer to your head for a smoother silhouette. It can correct both cosmetic and functional issues, such as ears that are overly large, protruding, or misshapen. It’s a perfect option if you’re bothered by overly large, flat, or crooked ears. Some patients may only need a unilateral otoplasty, meaning only one ear is addressed. If both ears are a concern for you, then a bilateral otoplasty may be necessary to correct both ears. Whatever it is that you're looking to change, there's a good chance otoplasty can help.

Lobuloplasty is also an ideal approach to reduce the size of oversized or damaged earlobes that may be caused by genetics, trauma, or by the use of heavy earrings.This surgery can help to create a better balance and proportion to the ears and face.

Both of these popular ear procedures are safe and can be performed on adults and children. At our Dallas clinic, we specialize in providing natural-looking results with unilateral and bilateral otoplasty and lobuloplasty procedures requiring minimal downtime.

Benefits of Ear Surgery Like Otoplasty and Lobuloplasty

The advantages of ear surgery are numerous! It can improve the appearance of the ears, restore symmetry, and provide a balanced, natural look. It can reduce the size and prominence of large earlobes, as well as correct damaged earlobes that have been stretched or torn due to wearing heavy earrings or other trauma. Ear lobuloplasty can also help improve self-confidence and eliminate anxiety associated with overly large, asymmetrical, or misshapen ears. Whatever your concern may be, otoplasty or lobuloplasty can be a reliable and cost-effective solution.

What to Expect When Recovering from Otoplasty or Lobuloplasty

Having ear lobuloplasty surgery is an important decision, and to ensure the best possible results, specific post-care instructions must be followed. However, recovery from ear lobuloplasty is much easier and more comfortable than you think. After surgery, you can expect minor swelling and bruising, but you can resume your normal activities quickly with minimal downtime. To maximize the efficacy of the procedure and give you the best outcome, carefully following the aftercare instructions provided by Dallas Surgical Arts and Dr. Sanovich is highly recommended. Doing so will allow you to heal properly and keep your ears looking beautiful and healthy.

Why Choose Dr. Sanovich For Otoplasty and Lobuloplasty?

After performing thousands of procedures and board-certification by the American Academy of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Randy Sanovich specializes in facial cosmetic surgery in Dallas, Texas. He performs popular cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on ears and ear lobes including full

ear reconstruction, ear pinning and reshaping, earlobe reduction, and earlobe repair for stretched earlobes. With Dr. Sanovich’s surgical technique, incisions are inconspicuous and well-hidden within the natural shape of the ear. At Dallas Surgical Arts, we provide the latest laser technology to help minimize any additional postoperative redness.

At our clinic, we provide a patient-centered approach to care. Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to providing outstanding results that meet your individual goals. Board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Randy Sanovich uses advanced techniques and the latest technology to ensure a safe and successful experience for each one of our patients. If you're considering otoplasty or lobuloplasty in Dallas, our surgeons will review your medical history, listen to your goals, and create a customized treatment plan just for you.

Feel Confident with Otoplasty and Lobuloplasty in Dallas

It's time to take steps toward a more confident you! If you feel your ears are out of balance or proportion to your face, an otoplasty or lobuloplasty is the perfect surgical solution to help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. With these procedures, the ear can be reshaped, the size of your ear lobe can be reduced, and stretched or deformed lobes can be corrected.

At Dallas Surgical Arts, our team is committed to giving you the best treatment, from consultation to post-operative care. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these innovative cosmetic procedures! Get your desired look with otoplasty and lobuloplasty today!

Interested in ear surgery at Dallas Surgical Arts? Contact us today at (972) 914-3660!

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