Dallas Facial Contouring and Implants: Frequently Asked Questions Addressed

Dallas Facial Contouring and Implants: Frequently Asked Questions Addressed

Facial contouring and facial implants are popular cosmetic procedures that can enhance facial symmetry, improve contours, and restore balance to one's appearance. In Dallas, there are various facial contouring options available, including jawbone shaving, mandibular implants, and V-osteotomy. Keep reading as we answer some of the common questions regarding these procedures!

  • What is jawbone shaving?
    Jawbone shaving, also known as mandibular angle reduction, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the width of the jawline. Through careful incisions inside the mouth or under the chin, Dr. Sanovich contours the jawbone by removing excess bone or reshaping it. This procedure can create a more balanced appearance for those with a square or prominent jawline. This procedure is growing in popularity for its incredible results.

  • Who can benefit from jawbone shaving?
    Individuals who have a wide jawline or a square-shaped face that affects their facial harmony can benefit from jawbone shaving. This procedure can help create a more proportionate and attractive facial profile. It is important for patients to consult with a board-certified facial cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Dallas like Dr. Sanovich to determine if this is the right approach.

  • What are mandibular implants?
    Mandibular implants involve the placement of facial implants to enhance the shape and size of the lower jaw. These implants are designed to provide projection and contour to the jawline and can be customized to suit your individual facial features and desired outcome. Mandibular implants can help redefine a weak or recessed jawline, resulting in a more defined appearance.

  • Who is a good candidate for mandibular implants?
    Those with a weak or underdeveloped lower jawline and who desire a more defined facial profile can benefit from mandibular implants.

  • What is V osteotomy?
    V-osteotomy, also known as V-line surgery, is a facial contouring procedure that involves reshaping the jawline, chin, and cheeks to create a more V-shaped or heart-shaped face. This procedure is particularly popular in East Asian countries and is gaining recognition in the United States. V-osteotomy can involve various techniques, including jawbone shaving and chin reduction, to achieve the desired facial shape and proportions.

  • Who is a candidate for V osteotomy?
    Individuals who have a square or round face shape and desire a more slender and V-shaped facial appearance can benefit from V osteotomy. This procedure can create a more feminine or youthful look by slimming the jawline, reducing the chin, or adjusting the position of the cheekbones. It is crucial to consult with a skilled facial cosmetic surgeon in Dallas like Dr. Sanovich to determine if V osteotomy is the right option for you.

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Dr. Randy Sanovich specializes in facial contouring and facial implants, including jawbone shaving, mandibular implants, and V osteotomy, offering patients in Dallas the opportunity to enhance their facial features and achieve a more balanced appearance.

It is essential to seek the expertise of a skilled facial cosmetic surgeon in Dallas like Dr. Sanovich who can assess your needs, discuss your goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the best results.

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