What Techniques Are Available for Brow Lift Surgery

close up portrait of woman with blue eyes positioning eyebrow for brow lift

A surgical technique known as a brow lift, sometimes known as a forehead lift, is used to lift the forehead and shape the brows in patients of both sexes. It seeks to give the area above the eyes a more youthful and renewed appearance when done for aesthetic reasons.


It tries to repair and restore the natural position of a droopy brow when done for reconstructive or functional purposes.


The brows can be lifted and contoured using a variety of methods. Continue reading to know these techniques.


Endoscopic Brow Lift


Within the hairline, tiny incisions are made on the scalp. One of the incisions is used to implant an endoscope, a pencil-sized camera device with a display monitor attached, giving the surgeon a clear view of the tissues below the skin.


The surgeon will then be able to raise the forehead skin after inserting a device through a different incision. The eyebrows are subsequently raised, shaped, and fixed in place using sutures, screws, or other fixing methods.


After the lift is finished, the incisions are stitched or clipped shut, and they will be removed in the clinic.


Mid-forehead Lift


If a deep forehead furrow is present, a longer surgical incision is made within it. The desired height of the forehead is raised, and the brows are sculpted through this incision. The incision is closed with stitches, which are thereafter removed in the hospital.


Pretrichial Brow Lift


This method is frequently used on people with higher hairlines. Along the length of the forehead, a surgical incision is made just in front of the hairline.


The forehead skin is then raised and fixed at the desired height through this incision. To close the incision, stitches are used, and they will be removed in the hospital.


Direct Brow Lift


Surgical incisions are made right above the eyebrow hairs along the outer part of the brows. The eyebrows are then raised through these incisions, shaped to the correct shape, and sutured into a higher position. The wounds are closed with stitches, which will be removed in the doctor's office.


Temporal Brow Lift


As we age, the outer third of the eyebrows are the first to sag and droop, causing the top eyelids to seem heavy. This method raises the brows' outer, sagging part, performing a less thorough brow lift.


The outer part of the brows is elevated and sculpted through small incisions made inside the hairline. After the lift is finished, the incisions are stitched or clipped shut, and they will be removed in the clinic.


Trans-blepharoplasty Browpexy


This method also takes care of the outside part of a sagging brow. It utilizes a typical eyelid incision and is done in tandem with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The eyebrows can be sutured into a higher position through the same incision. ​




In some circumstances, there are alternatives to brow lift surgery. Neurotoxins like Botox can be used to raise the brow temporarily. It is possible to lessen the action of neurotoxins by injecting them into the muscles that pull the eyebrows downward.


Your particular facial traits, such as the height of your forehead, the peculiarities of your hairline, the shape of your eyebrows, and your aesthetic goals, will determine the best surgical approach for you. ​


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