Why You Should Consider Getting Otoplasty

Young brown haired woman with hair pulled back looking into mirror holding ears considering otoplasty

Otoplasty is not a word you'd be familiar with unless you're very knowledgeable about plastic surgery. It is the medical term for cosmetic surgery of the ear. This procedure is meant to alter the size and position of the ears, among others.


There are three main reasons to consider otoplasty:


Overly Prominent Ears Since Birth


A lot of us have had prominent ears since birth, and the majority of us cannot do much about it. There are those, though, that pay the price for it all their lives and suffer from the stigma of having ears that are too big.


Sometimes people don't just have overly prominent ears. They also have excessive ear lobes. The excess skin on the ear lobes can fold over and cover the ears, which can make a person look like they have two different-sized ears. The ear lobes can fold over the tops of the ears, which makes them appear shorter. This can also lead to a self-esteem issue because the person might get teased.


Facial Features Are Disproportionate with Your Ears


Most people's ears are in proportion to their faces, but not everyone. There are people who have perfectly shaped faces and ears, or one is too small and the other too big. This can really take away from someone's overall appearance.


Suffered From an Injury


If you ever suffered an injury in the area of your ears, it is possible that they might look a bit different than they used to before the injury. This is especially true if the injury caused a hematoma or a blood clot. If the blood clot goes away on its own, the ears can still look different from what they originally looked like.


Benefits of Getting Otoplasty


Fixes Numerous Issues


As mentioned previously, otoplasty is performed to change the way the ears look. In the majority of cases, otoplasty is performed to minimize the prominence of the ears. Otoplasty can also be used to fix the folds of skin around the ear lobes. It can even be used to reshape the cartilage in the ear.


Rebuilds Self-Confidence


If you have abnormally prominent ears, you can be made to feel very self-conscious about them. Otoplasty can help you gain back your self-confidence and be more comfortable in your own skin. No one will tease you about your ears anymore, and you can wear your hair as you wish without feeling self-conscious.


Brings Back the Sense of Normalcy


If you have suffered an injury to your ears, like a hematoma, or an infection in or around your ears, then otoplasty can bring your ears back to normal so you can go on without worrying about your ears anymore.


Is Otoplasty Safe?


Yes, otoplasty is considered to be safe for most people. It has been performed for decades and is a common procedure. It is performed by highly trained plastic surgeons and is medically supervised.


However, anyone who is considering this procedure should learn as much about it as possible to ensure that it is the right decision for them. When you do your research, make sure that you include information about potential complications and the recovery process.




Otoplasty is a simple procedure that can help fix numerous issues that have a direct effect on a person's overall appearance. It can help people gain their confidence back, and it can rebuild their self-esteem. It is a safe procedure that is performed thousands of times each year.


Dr. Sanovich of Dallas Surgical Arts is a reputable cosmetic facial plastic surgeon that offers an array of services including otoplasty and cosmetic double jaw surgery, among others. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment with our doctor!

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