Setting up Your Expectations for a Brow Lift Surgery

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Setting up Your Expectations for a Brow Lift Surgery. Eyes help us in creating expressions, but that isn’t the only thing that helps us gauge what a person is thinking. Eyebrows become knitted when we’re thinking intensely about something, or they soften when we find something happy and meaningful.

However, the brows can easily overpower the eyes when it’s a little bit too low, Some may like this look, but others may be a little annoyed over this detail, as it can make them look a little older as their face droops. If you’d like to fix the insecurity, a brow lift surgery appointment may just be the key to changing things.

If you don’t know what a brow lift is, it simply refers to saggy eyebrows adjusted a little higher on your forehead. It can be an incredibly small detail, but it does wonders for your overall appearance. If you’re raising your eyebrows in question of what you should expect, continue reading to learn more.

What to Expect Before

Before a brow lift surgery, get briefed by the professional who will be handling your operation. A good long talk will allow you to ask all your questions and get information that may affect whether you want to go through with the surgery or not.

You’re likely to get a consultation to see whether you’re fit for getting the eyebrow lift. Skin and muscle condition, medical history, and your desired results will most likely be discussed beforehand. If you’re eyeing other cosmetic surgeries, don’t forget to voice your thoughts too.

What to Expect During

During the actual appointment where you’re going to get operated on, the brows will be lifted and marked for the incisions that will be made when the procedure starts. Anesthesia will be administered to numb out any feelings of pain that may occur.

After that, the actual brow will be surgically repositioned. This usually involves the skin, muscle, and tissues near the brow bone to be removed and shifted around, changing your appearance. With an experienced clinic, the brow lift shouldn’t take more than two to three hours at most.

What to Expect After

The aftermath of the whole brow lift surgery appointment can be the most nerve-wracking part about the entire ordeal, but it’s also the most exciting part. Here are three phases of what comes after the surgery:

Post-Operation. Any scars that might have been made during the operation will become more hidden while recovering. Your forehead may feel like it’s swelling a lot, so it’s best not to strain yourself with any physical activity or mental stress for a while.

Post-Recovery. Full recovery from brow lift surgery could take around two weeks, but it can be different for everyone. You should be able to see that shift in your brow’s height when looking into the mirror. It can make any person seem and feel more youthful.

Post-Decade. A brow lift surgery’s effect in appearance usually lasts even beyond a decade. Do keep in mind that face and skin will still continue to age, depending on the maintenance and skincare habits that you adopt.


Knowing everything that you have to expect with brow lift surgery appointments can be extremely eye-opening. It’s best to come prepared before you enter the clinic, after all. The information may get you a bit excited over the results too, as you work to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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