Everything You Need to Know About Otoplasty and its Benefits

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With the advancement of medical technology, there are more and more procedures being developed that help in improving people’s overall health. Cosmetic surgery has dramatically evolved in recent years, and in addition to some older procedures, one thing people have been trying more and more is otoplasty.

Otoplasty can be defined as a way of beautification and ear rejuvenation. Sometimes, people feel uncomfortable with their ears in a way that accessories, hair, and hats cannot improve.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you should take a look at the different ways otoplasty can help you. Read on for the many benefits of this procedure.

1. Fix the Damage or Deformity in Your Earlobe

The earlobes are an essential part of the body. They play host to accessories such as piercings and earrings. However, over time, these accessories can stretch out the earlobes, causing them to become abnormally long due to drooping and sagging. In some cases, piercings keep expanding in size that the earlobes are forced to split and tear.

If you feel like you lost the attractiveness of your ears because of the structural changes, you can get otoplasty treatments to alter the appearance, shape, and size of the ears. Your doctor will stitch the earlobes back into the normal shape within a few minutes under local anesthesia.

2. Make Your Ears Appear Closer to Your Head

Some people feel conscious about how their ears, despite their normal size, lean outward instead of being parallel to the side of their head. This alignment makes your eyes appear more protruded, and in some cases, people see it in just one ear instead of in pairs.

In this case, medical experts will perform the ear pinning process. In this procedure, the surgeon will suture the ear cartilage and position it in a more aesthetically pleasing part on the side of the head. Sometimes, the doctor will also pull a small amount of skin or cartilage from the ear. Overall, the process would take a few hours, with a sedative and local anesthesia to avoid pain problems.

3. Enlarge the Appearance of Your Ears

Some people have smaller than average ears. Most of the time, this is present from birth, in what doctors call microtia. This condition may occur due to maternal issues like nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, drug use, and genetics.

Children or adults suffering from these concerns can undergo cosmetic surgery to increase their ear size. The doctor will take a piece of rib cartilage and carve it into a normal ear shape. This will be grafted onto your ear to make it proportional to your head.

4. Make Your Ears Look Smaller

On the other hand, if you have more prominent ears, surgeons can also reduce the size. For problems like this, ear reduction otoplasty will help match your ears to your head. The procedure will involve removing the extra ear cartilage and the surgeon will rearrange the shape and size.

Final Thoughts

Otoplasty is an ideal surgical procedure to make your ears appear as perfect as they can be. This treatment can be done for kids as young as eight years old as well as adult patients. If your ears are something that has caused problems for you, you should consider getting otoplasty soon.

If you are looking into getting into cosmetic ear surgery in Dallas and the surrounding area, book an appointment with Dallas Surgical Arts today. Dr. Sanovich and his team of experts will provide high-quality cosmetic facial plastic surgery for your health concerns. Call us today to book a consultation!

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