Answering the Top Questions about Chin Reshaping Surgery

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People who appear more attractive tend to have higher self-esteem than those who are less attractive. Many factors contribute to this difference, including the cultural standard of beauty and the weight that people put on this beauty standard.

Now, attractiveness in this regard pertains to physical beauty, which encompasses the ideal facial features, body shape and weight, and even skin color.

If you don’t have the ideal chin and face shape according to societal standards, you’ve likely taken a hit to your self-esteem at one point in your life. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you improve your appearance, with some of them being more permanent than others.

One example is chin reshaping surgery.

What is Chin Reshaping Surgery?

Chin reshaping surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to improve the appearance of a person’s chin. It is designed to correct the shape and size of the chin by making it more prominent and projecting. On the other hand, you can also use it to reduce prominent chins.

Suppose you’re looking to make your chin more prominent. In that case, you should know that the procedure involves “cutting away excess tissue on the anterior surface of the chin and inserting synthetic implants under the chin.”

There are three steps to this process: cutting away excess tissue, inserting implants, and healing.

The first step involves eliminating excess tissue from both sides of the chin bone, where it meets your lower jawbone. The second step is injecting a synthetic implant into a pocket created by a mold placed under your skin to rebuild your jawline and provide a projection for your face.

Successful chin reshaping surgeries result in improved contour and shape of the chin, which helps enhance facial features like lips, nose, and cheekbones. In some cases, the procedure also reduces drooling and improves speech quality.

Can You Get Chin Reshaping Surgery?

Most likely, you can get chin reshaping surgery, especially if you’re of age. However, there are some instances when patients aren’t allowed to push through with the procedure. It’s best to consult with a professional regarding this matter.

Where Do You Get Chin Reshaping Surgery?

You should visit a reputable plastic surgeon if you’re committed to getting your chin reshaped.

As much as possible, don’t skimp out on the funds and go to a clinic with no proper background or reviews since it’s your face on the line. You’re more likely to run into trouble by trusting a disreputable surgeon.

Do your research regarding the plastic surgeons near your area, and check if they offer the procedure. Ask them plenty of questions during consultations. Some queries you may want to raise are:

Do they specialize in plastic surgery?
How many chin reshaping procedures have they done?
Are you a good candidate for the surgery?
Are they Board Certified?
What are the potential complications that may arise with the procedure?
Did they do specific training for chin augmentation techniques? What are they?
How long is the downtime after the procedure?

Additionally, try to look at the before and after photos of their Mentoplasty work if you can.

Do the Results of Chin Reshaping Surgery Last?

The results of chin reshaping surgery should last for a long time, provided that a professional surgeon did it correctly using the appropriate equipment.

It’s also worth noting that your care during post-procedure is essential to the healing process. Your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions, and you should do your best to follow them.


Chin reshaping surgery is a lifetime commitment, so it’s best if you do your research before undergoing the procedure. Taking the time to learn about the surgery will give you adequate knowledge of what to expect and may even affect your final decision.

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