Life Changing Effects of a Brow Lift

brow and eye with makeup done

Heavy lidded eyes and a deeply furrowed brow make it hard to look happy, or even to appear alive. Some people even say their brows give away their emotional state, which makes it difficult for them to conceal their true feelings. Unfortunately, an “old” forehead contributes directly to this.

Sure, there are OTC (over-the-counter) remedies like serums and moisturizers. However, sometimes the result from those still isn’t ideal. This is where the brow lift comes in.

What Is A Brow Lift?

A brow lift, sometimes also known as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure used to lift and tighten the skin above the eyes and tighten underlying muscles. This is done to restore a younger, more natural appearance. The most common technique used is the endoscopic brow lift, where the surgeon makes a single incision that is hidden behind the hairline.

The procedure works by lifting the skin and tightening the underlying muscles, which are then repositioned to restore a youthful and natural appearance.

Why Does the Forehead Get “Old”?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth explaining. Aside from the natural tendency of skin to lose elasticity and have questionable quality over time, stress can also trigger the likes of premature wrinkles and smile lines.

As we age, our bodies begin producing less collagen, which leads to sagging facial skin, particularly around the cheeks, chin, and neck. When we clench or squint our faces as we make facial expressions, over time these expressions wear on the muscles underneath, leading to wrinkles and creases.

Meanwhile, the constant pull of gravity creates drooping in the upper face and cheek area. All of these factors can lead to aging in the forehead area, causing horizontal lines and furrows. As a result of sagging in the face and neck, eyebrows can start to droop and lose their symmetry.

What Can A Brow Lift Do About This?

Few things bring a face more balance or a clear sense of rejuvenation than a brow lift. Advantages are plentiful, like giving off a look that’s not just youthful but more active than passive.

The “simple” brow lift will fully rejuvenate the skin on your forehead and around your eyes. It will erase the fine lines along your forehead and around your eyes, leaving you looking more rested, relaxed, and more youthful. It will lift and smooth your eyebrows, pulling them upwards and into a position that makes them appear smoother.

In some cases, getting a brow lift even helps their vision get better! This is often in people whose eyebrows were low-set. That’s because a new line of vision is opened up when the lift is done, allowing them to see much better.


As people age, their skin starts to lose elasticity and “give out.” The previous abundance of collagen is now more of a gradual depletion, which can lead to an aged forehead and a look that’s not appealing. A brow lift can bring a whole new youthful, energetic look to a person’s face.

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