A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Nose Shapes

different nose shapes

Noses come in different shapes and sizes. And just because your nose is different from someone else’s doesn’t mean it’s ugly.

But have you ever wondered what category your nose falls under? Well, we’ve made a simple guide to show you the different types of nose shapes people can have.

Upturned or Celestial Nose

This nose has a triangular shape, and it is characterized by its upward curve. The bridge is usually high and straight, and the tip is usually sharp. The nostrils are characteristically flared. The celestial nose is often said to be a very aristocratic-looking nose.

Greek or Straight Nose

This is the most common type of nose. It is straight, with a medium bridge and narrow nostrils. The tip is pointed, and the nostrils are usually a little flared, but not overly so. This is the most balanced of the noses and is very common among those with Asian, European, American, and African ancestry.

Button Nose

This is a small, petite nose with a round tip. The nostrils are usually relatively small as well. The bridge is low and often below the level of the nostrils. The button nose is quite charming and is prominent in people with small faces or who are Asian or European.

Almond-Shaped Nose

This type of nose is long and tapered and has a pointy tip. The bridge is lower than the tip, and the nostrils are usually flared. This is seen most commonly in people with Asian ancestry.

Hooked Nose

A hooked nose is a short, narrow nose with a sharp tip. The nostrils are flared, and the tip is often flat. This type of nose is most prominent in people with Hispanic or Asian ancestry.

Bulbous Nose

This type of nose is bulbous or bulky in appearance. It is wide and does not taper at all. The tip is often flat and round. The bulbous nose’s nostrils are usually small but may be flared. The bulbous nose is most commonly seen in people with African ancestry.

Crooked Nose

This type of nose is characterized by a crooked or bent bridge or an uneven tip. It is usually flat but maybe slightly pointed. The nostrils are generally small and maybe flared as well. This type of nose is most commonly seen in people with Caucasian ancestry.

Nubian Nose

This is a flat, wide nose that has a slight downward curve. The top of the nose is curved down, looking very similar to the letter ‘B.’ The Nubian nose’s nostrils are flared, and the tip is often round and plump. This type of nose is most commonly seen in African-Americans.

Final Thoughts

Remember, just because someone has a different shaped nose from you doesn’t mean they’re ugly! People have different facial features, which makes us all unique. But if you feel like you’ll be much happier with a different type of nose, you can always visit a professional to help you out.

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