The Five-Minute Nose Job

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For patients who want to change the shape of their nose but aren’t ready to commit to a full rhinoplasty, there may be a new option – it’s called the “five-minute nose job,” and it could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

“The five-minute nose job procedure is a nose-reshaping and -refining procedure that uses injectable fillers containing hyaluronic acid to seemingly re-sculpt the shape of the nose,” says Dr. Randy Sanovich, an oral surgeon who performs five-minute nose job procedures in his Dallas, Texas, clinic. “The five-minute nose job procedure is great for patients who are looking to make subtle changes to their nose without the full commitment of a rhinoplasty.”

And the benefits don’t stop there.

“Because it uses hyaluronic acid injections, the five-minute nose job has less downtime than a full rhinoplasty,” says Sanovich. “Typically, patients can return to their daily activities that day or the day after their procedure – all without stitches or the potential scarring you get with a traditional surgical rhinoplasty.”

Sanovich says the procedure does carry some minor risks, but having someone with knowledge of the anatomy of the nose and how to minimize risk is why Dr. Sanovich is a great choice for providing facial fillers.

Another interesting fact about the procedure? Depending on how you look at it, a major benefit of the five-minute nose job is that it’s not permanent.

“If you don’t love your results, they will eventually diminish,” says Sanovich. “You can even make adjustments after the procedure to fine-tune your results a bit, whether that be by reducing the amount of filler, or adding more where needed. It’s a much easier fix than redoing a rhinoplasty.”

So, what are the downsides of the procedure? Well, some may say the temporary nature of the hyaluronic acid compounded with the cost of repeating the procedure if you are happy with the results is a bad thing – but Sanovich says those patients can always opt for a full surgical rhinoplasty.

“On the plus side, it gives you a blueprint for a permanent rhinoplasty, should you ever choose to get one.”

Also, the procedure may not be a great fit for patients who want a smaller nose.

“Hyaluronic acid cannot reduce the size of your nose, but it can change the contours of the nose and make the shape of the nose blend better with the rest of the face,” says Sanovich. “Sometimes those seemingly minor changes can make a very big difference.”

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