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An article in a popular fashion magazine recently posed the question, “Is this the end of the brow-lift?” It seems the procedure may be declining in popularity at some plastic surgery practices, but we certainly don’t believe that’s the case here. In fact, a browlift is one of the most effective ways to give yourself a more youthful appearance without undergoing a full facelift. If you aren’t satisfied with the person staring back at you in the mirror and you’re not sure what procedure to choose, here’s what you should know when considering an eyebrow lift from Dr. Sanovich.

Who Should Get a Brow-Lift?

The first thing you should think about when considering a brow-lift is if the procedure will address the issues you may be having with your appearance. The brow-lift is an excellent procedure for correcting a drooping or lowered eyebrow. A brow-lift can help “open up” the face and create the appearance of a wider, more alert eye.

What Causes the Brows to Sag?

Your eyebrows can droop or sag over time due to loss of collagen, heredity, sun exposure, and more. It may begin as a deeply furrowed brow, creases at the “11’s” between your eyebrows, or even as crow’s feet around your eyes. Often, these issues can be corrected with Botox or fillers, but in those cases where injectables are simply not enough and where the lower half of the face does not need any major modification, a brow-lift is an excellent option. That being said, the brow-lift can be and often is combined with other procedures on the rest of the face.

What Happens During a Brow-Lift?

Dr. Sanovich performs brow-lifts endoscopically. This means he uses a small telescope in a tiny incision in the forehead. This telescope helps him see and tighten up the sagging tissue in the forehead by moving it up between a quarter and three-eighths of an inch. This effectively eliminates the deep furrows and crow’s feet, and the incisions are stitched closed. In fact, the incisions are normally so small they are hidden by the hairline – and there’s no hair loss, either.

After your brow-lift, you can expect minimal swelling and minimal discomfort. The brow-lift even leaves such minimal scarring that even men with receding hairlines will have almost zero visible scarring. Recovery time is fast, too, with most people returning to work within three to four days of their procedure.

To conclude, there are very few procedures that can accomplish the streamlined, youthful results of the brow-lift. So, to answer that magazine’s question, no, the brow-lift isn’t going anywhere but up!

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