How to Answer Cosmetic Surgery Questions

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Congratulations! You’ve just had a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Sanovich. Now is the time to heal and enjoy your newly refreshed appearance. Often when someone undergoes a cosmetic procedure (surgical or not), it can bring up a lot of questions from friends and loved ones. Whether you are worried about how to address the questioning, or simply want to circumvent any questioning by bringing it up yourself, here are some ideas to start your dialogue.

‘Have You Had Work Done?’

This question in itself is invasive and, depending on who is asking, inappropriate, but that doesn’t stop people from asking it. Of course, you are always free to ignore the question or tell the person asking that it’s none of their business, but if you want to answer it, you can say, “Yes, and I’m so happy I did” Then leave it at that.

‘What Kind of Work Did You Have Done?’

Another common question you may be asked is more specifically about the procedures you chose. This can be from well-meaning friends who are simply interested in getting their own cosmetic procedures, or it could be for other reasons. Again, you are free to decline to answer, or you can say something like, “I had a face-lift so I could look as young on the outside as I feel on the inside.”

‘Who Is Your Surgeon?’

Dr. Sanovich loves referrals, so if someone asks who performed your facial plastic surgery, he’d be honored if you shared his name.

‘Why Did You Change Your Face?’

This question may be more common among children who are simply curious about your new look. In the case of a child, try not to feel hurt or offended, as they likely did not mean any harm by asking. That being said, the answer for an adult or a child can be roughly the same. Simply say, “I wanted to look more youthful and refreshed, and I’m pleased with the results.” This lets the person questioning know you weren’t trying to change your identity – and that you are happy with your results. If they think you are happy they will be less likely to make negative comments about your new look.

‘How Much Did It Cost?’

Again, this question could simply be motivated by a well-meaning friend looking to have a procedure of his or her own. Conversations about money are never easy, but there are plenty of tactful ways to handle them. For example, you could say, “It was very friendly for my budget.” You can also give them a ballpark figure, or better yet encourage them to contact Dr. Sanovich for a consultation and remind them that the cost will vary depending on what procedures they choose to have done.

To schedule a consultation, or to refer a friend to Dr. Sanovich, please call (972) 914-3660

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