Dealing With Stubborn Neck Fat?

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Sagging neck or double chin got you down? Stubborn deposits of fat on the face and neck can be difficult to lose, even if you maintain a healthy body weight. Factors like genetics, body weight, and age can all affect where fat accumulates in the body. If you struggle with fat deposits or sagging skin on the chin and neck, don’t despair. There are surgical and non-surgical options that can help give you the streamlined look you desire. We asked Dr. Randy Sanovich, a facial plastic surgeon from Dallas, Texas, about what patients can do to address neck and lower facial fat deposits.

“The first thing that comes to mind when discussing fat deposits under the chin is a product called Kybella,” says Sanovich. “Kybella is probably the easiest and least invasive means to treat those stubborn fat deposits that seem impossible to lose.”

That’s because Kybella is an injection that is delivered directly into the area where the fat is located. Kybella actually dissolves the fat deposit using a digestive enzyme that breaks it down.

“Most people need between two and six injections, spaced approximately eight weeks apart, for best results,” says Sanovich, “but the results are permanent, so being patient really pays off.”

Sanovich says patients who receive Kybella treatments can expect some minor swelling and bruising following each injection, but the pain is usually well controlled with over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen.

For neck fat, or for those who don’t want to go the injectable route, Sanovich says the gold standard is still neck liposuction.

“Neck liposuction is one of the most popular procedures performed in my practice, and it’s easy to see why,” says Sanovich. “It’s safe, effective, and creates a youthful, streamlined look to the face and neck.”

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward. First, you are numbed with a light general and local anesthetic. Then, three tiny incisions are made under each ear and the chin. A fat-sucking cannula is then inserted into each incision, where the fat is suctioned out. Finally, the incisions are closed and you are dressed with an elastic pressure bandage.

Sanovich says recovery from neck liposuction is very mild, too.

“The whole process is usually painless, but you might experience some swelling and bruising. Usually, you can recover over a weekend,” says Sanovich.

Another procedure that can be tacked on to your neck liposuction is called muscle tightening, in which the muscles of the neck are tightened up to create an even more streamlined look to the neck and jaw. The procedure isn’t for everyone, but for those who need it, it can make a dramatic difference.

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