All About Revision Face-Lifts

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One of the most empowering and meaningful things we can do for ourselves as we age is to undergo a plastic surgery procedure such as a face-lift. A face-lift can help you feel as young and vivacious on the outside as you do on the inside. But what happens when things like sun damage and the ravages of time begin to take their toll on that newer, younger appearance? You may think you have no choice but to live with this new version of the new you, but the good news is you don’t! There’s a solution, and it’s called a revision face-lift.

What Is a Revision Face-Lift?

A revision facelift is basically a second facelift or a do-over. Though it can be done to correct new signs of aging or sun damage that has occurred since your first face-lift, revision facelifts can also be performed to correct other issues that may have occurred following the first facial procedure. This may include anything you weren’t satisfied with the first time or anything that might be considered “botched” or in need of correction.

Why Didn’t My First Face-Lift ‘Hold Up’?

There are many reasons your original facelift may not have held up as well as you’d hoped. As we age, our skin loses collagen, and with it, the elastic quality that makes it snap back into place when pulled or pinched. This is not something you have any control over, and it can often cause the results of a beautiful face-lift to loosen a bit with time.

Similar to the loss of collagen is a loss of something called fat pads, which cushion the eyes and cheeks. When these fat pads diminish, eyes and cheeks can look hollowed or sunken. A secondary face-lift can add padding back to these areas so they look full and youthful again.

Another reason your face-lift may not look as good as it used to is sun damage. This occurs when the sun’s UV rays damage the skin, causing wrinkles, sunspots, and more. Sun damage may take years to show up but causes an estimated 80 percent of all signs of aging.

What If I Don’t Want Another Full Face-Lift?

A revision face-lift often does not require the same amount of work as a full face-lift – especially if it’s only correcting one or two areas. Often, revision face-lifts may require minor adjustments or cosmetic fillers, and in many cases, changes can be so subtle nobody will know you had any additional procedures performed.

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