Skin Care Center

Jennifer Burud Laudien, licensed estheticians, and Dr. Sanovich or Dr. Sanovich have years of experience with hundreds of medical-grade skincare products. There is a very wide variety of products available. Some have ideal therapeutic effects but are too greasy, sticky or odorous, and others have perfect consistency, moisture and aroma, but are not very effective at rejuvenating the skin. Therefore, we decided to develop an entire line of therapeutic products that would combine all of the best qualities in each product.

To reduce the number of products that each patient would need, we developed formulations that incorporated as many of the ideal qualities as possible into each product. The ideal ingredients were selected for each product to deliver the best therapeutic effect while providing the most sought-after sensual qualities for its intended purpose and skin type.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, along with normal aging changes, cigarette smoking and other factors, produce unattractive wrinkles in the face and neck. Prominent unattractive furrows in the forehead, frown lines, crow’s-feet, jowls and loose excess skin in the neck can make you look out-of-shape, tired and much older than you feel. The skin gets rough, and irregular dark pigmented areas develop. Skin cancers may develop in the form of squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma.

We now know that most of the skin changes that we usually associate with aging are really due to excessive exposure to the sun, and to the DNA we received from our parents. Just look at areas of the body that get very little sun exposure and you will see how youthful the skin remains. Look at your parents and see how much your skin looks like theirs. We can prevent sun damage and maintain a youthful appearance by using sunscreens daily, wearing hats and avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sun. Tanning parlors should never be used. Skin products that produce a tanned look without sun exposure should be considered if a tanned appearance is desired.

Not only are cosmetic surgery techniques available to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and genetically damaged skin, but new skincare and surgical approaches actually let us reverse many of these changes to produce truly younger skin and eliminate precancerous cells.

Dr. Sanovich and Jennifer Burud Laudien, our Certified Esthetician, offer superb skincare programs dedicated to providing the finest skincare products and surgeon-supervised procedures available today. They will prescribe a skin beautification program incorporating at-home maintenance products, in-office medical strength cosmetic peels, and skin rejuvenation procedures. This proven system is designed to even out skin tones, repair sun damage, and reduce age spots and fine lines.