Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) in Dallas

Cosmetic Ear Surgery For Prominent Ears

Many of us never give our ears a second thought, and yet for some people, large, prominent, or disfigured ears have been the reason for painful childhood teasing and ridicule. The damage to confidence and self-esteem can carry on to adulthood.

When hair and hats can’t hide misshapen ears, surgical intervention is the best option. Ear reshaping surgery flattens and contours cartilage, creating a more balanced and aesthetic appearance. Our otoplasty procedure allows us to permanently improve the curve of the ear by altering the amount, thickness, or shape of the cartilage. As our otoplasty patient, you can expect natural looking, perfectly sized and shaped ears that flatter your head and face.

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The Procedure – What to Expect

Dr. Sanovich performs his ear shaping procedures on an outpatient basis, using light general anesthesia and a long lasting local anesthetic to maintain optimal comfort during recovery. During the otoplasty procedure, our surgeon makes a small incision on the back of the ear, reshapes the cartilage as needed, and removes excess skin and tissue. Dr. Sanovich places sutures in the cartilage to create the desired contours and closes the incision with dissolving sutures. Finally, he applies a bandage for proper healing of the ears.

Otoplasty Recovery

Recovery, including mild swelling and bruising of the ears, usually lasts seven to fourteen days. Mild discomfort is common, and Dr. Sanovich makes sure his patients are comfortable during the healing process by prescribing appropriate medications. The ears may remain tender to touch for a month or more, and we recommend patients keep their heads elevated and wear a sweatband or ski band to protect their ears while sleeping during the first few weeks.

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