Traditional Facelift (Larger Lift)

The Traditional Facelift (Rhytidectomy) is Dr. Randy Sanovich’s most commonly known facelift procedure. This surgery is the optimal and most appropriate selection for those patients who experience excessive skin laxity, jowling, neck draping, and vertical neck lines (platysmal bands).

In the Traditional Facelift, an incision is made in front of the ear which extends up into the hairline and approximately one inch around the back of the ear. After the incision is made, the skin is undermined, the facial muscle and neck is tightened and contoured, the skin is re-draped, and the excess is removed. Scars are hidden in the natural posterior crease of the ear and in the hairline along the neck. Performed in-office, the Traditional Facelift is typically 3 – 4 hours long with post-operative downtime lasting 14 – 21 days. This lift is ideal for patients with advanced skin and neck laxity, jowling, and deep wrinkles.

Before & After Traditional Facelift

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