What You Need to Know Before Getting Chin Implants

Many people may want to get chin implants but are hesitant to do so because of some concerns they may have. It’s natural to be nervous about getting a cosmetic procedure, especially if it’s your first time. But by knowing more about the procedure, your fears and concerns will hopefully subside, leading to a more informed decision.

Chin Augmentation Has Very Few Potential Risks

First, it’s important to know that chin implants are a very safe procedure. The risks of chin implants are less than the risks involved with other cosmetic procedures such as a facelift or lip augmentation. The truth is that chin implants are very low-risk and recovery is usually fast.

One of the few risks associated with chin implants is that a small amount of fat may be transferred to the chin. In extreme cases, your mouth or eyes may become asymmetrical. But this is very rare.

The Results of Chin Implants Are Long-Term

Many people might think that chin augmentation, like other cosmetic procedures, would need to be redone after time. But this isn’t the case. After surgery, chin implants will remain in place for years, if not a lifetime.

Implant materials are biocompatible and do not wear out. They will not change over time. This means that the implants will not wear down, and they will not need to be replaced.

If the implant is placed very deep into the chin, it may want to be adjusted over time. But this is a minor procedure.

Chin Implants Have a Relatively Short Recovery Time

Another benefit of chin augmentation is the relatively short recovery time. The procedure, along with the recovery time, is usually measured in days, with one to two weeks being the norm.

The entire procedure is minimally invasive and involves locating the area with the most suitable soft tissue. Then a small incision is made and a small amount of fat is transferred to the chin in the form of a balloon. Once the chin has been filled out, the incision is closed with sutures or clips.

When you wake up from surgery, you should look and feel normal. The small incisions will be barely visible. Once the sutures or clips are removed, you will return to regular activities quickly. It’s possible to return to work in about a week.

Chin Implants Don’t Have to Be Obvious

One of the biggest myths about chin implants is that they have to be obvious. While implants are sometimes placed in a very conspicuous way that’s out in the open, chin implants don’t have to look unnatural.

In fact, some of the most subtle augmentation procedures are performed on patients with no obvious signs of surgery. Chin implants can be placed to create a fullness beneath the chin and to create contours that make the area look more proportionate. There are even minimally invasive chin implant procedures that are almost completely unnoticeable.

Some patients want a very natural look to their chin implant. Others would rather have a more sculpted look. This is fine as long as the chin implant is placed in an area that’s appropriate for the shape you want.

In Summary

If you’re considering getting chin implants, you should know that this is a safe and effective procedure that can provide you with the look you desire. You should know that the results of your chin implant will last a long time and will look natural, which is what many people want when they are considering this procedure.

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