What causes puffiness in the lower eyelid?

The problem arises when the membrane under the lid becomes weaker with age and allows the fatty protective tissue around the eye to bulge forward. This pressure on the skin and muscles of the lower eyelid stretches them and causes noticeable puffiness or bags to form under the eyes. Unfortunately, this type of bulging can also be inherited as well and can start as early as young adolescence for some people.

This problem will never be healed by any topical cream or lotion. They may make the skin look smoother, but the underlying cause of puffiness needs to be treated.
Puffy and baggy lower eyelids can make you look much older than your actual age. Lower blepharoplasty combats the fatigued and worn out expression that prompts others to suggest that you need a vacation or a good night’s sleep.

In lower eyelid blepharoplasty procedure, fatty tissue is removed using a transconjunctival approach. This means that the surgery is performed through the inside part of the eyelid so that no external visible scar is created.

Before bleph after bleph

      Before                                                             After

Benefits of eyelid lift surgery include:
* A relatively low cost
* The procedure is done in-office in most cases
* Recovery is relatively quick

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