Rosacea is a common skin condition causing redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It is more commonly found among fair-skinned people and affects millions of people. In addition to redness and broken capillaries, other symptoms may include small, red, pus-filled bumps and skin thickening. These signs may flare up for a few days or for a period of weeks to months and then disappear for some time.

Although causes are not fully understood and there is no cure, there are several ways to manage and relieve symptoms. Part of managing Rosacea symptoms is understanding what is causing or triggering the redness and skin flare up. Extreme weather conditions, sun exposure and heat can cause flare ups of this condition, however, weather is only one factor. Various foods, such as alcohol, red wine, spicy foods and chocolate, cosmetics, skincare, and exercise can all trigger Rosacea symptoms.

Although women tend to have Rosacea more often than men, men who develop it are often plagued with a component of the disease called rhinophyma, which is thickening of the skin at the tip of the nose. This produces a red, bulbous, unattractive nasal tip.

Redness and flushing are the most difficult components of this condition to control. Happily, we have seen remarkable reduction of redness and flushing in rosacea patients with a PhotoFacial – Intense Pulsed Light. This light therapy treatment is applied to the facial skin from two to five treatments at four-week intervals. There is virtually no downtime, however, slight redness may be present for up to 24 hours. The acne-like eruptions of Rosacea are usually well managed with Photofacials and effective skin care products. Photofacials will also stimulate collagen, address abnormal pigmentation and produce impressive improvements in skin texture by reducing pore size and tightening the skin.

Since this condition is chronic, repeated treatments may be necessary. After the desired effect is achieved, many of our patients come once or twice a year for maintenance treatments.

Photofacial is Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, and is the best treatment available for rosacea. It will produce dramatic improvements in all aspects of this skin condition.

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