Chemical Peels

Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic acid (alphahydroxy acid) is used for medically supervised office peels and is available in a wide variety of skin care products for home use. Our skin care products use high concentrations (10% to 30%) of glycolic acid especially formulated by pharmaceutical companies to exfoliate the dead surface cells, smooth fine lines, produce a more even tone, and reduce or eliminate freckles, sun spots and other damage from sun exposure. These improvements may occur within a few weeks of home care product use.
In-office glycolic acid peels can use 30% to 70% glycolic acid to produce more rapid and dramatic results. The skin is cleansed with alcohol to permit good penetration of the acid. The proper concentration of acid for your skin problems is applied uniformly, in layers, until the desired response is obtained. Depending upon the desired depth of the peel, the skin may have a dull whitish frost for a few minutes and will then return to its normal color. The skin may be pink overnight and after a few days you may notice a light peeling and flaking. This is easily managed with moisturizer. Peeling is usually complete within a week and the skin will be smoother and brighter with fewer brown spots and blemishes. It will look healthier and younger. The process can be repeated as needed for more dramatic improvement or a stronger acid can be used to obtain a deeper peel.

B-LIFTx Peel

The B-LIFTx (BETA-LIFTx) peel features the popular beta hydroxy acid. It takes only five minutes, and there is no downtime, although your face may temporarily appear a bit pink. In a day or two, your face may begin peeling. The degree of peeling can vary from invisible, to mild, to noticeable peeling and flaking, depending upon your skin type and level of sun damage. B-LIFTx lifts dead, dull cells off the surface of your skin and stimulates your skin to bring healthy, young, living cells to the surface. It is well suited for treating acne, acne rosacea, and enlarged pores.

TCA Peel

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) can produce a deeper, more effective peel than glycolic acid, however there is more downtime. The peel is performed in the same way as the glycolic or B-LIFTx peel, but, because it is deeper and may be uncomfortable, you may want us to apply a topical anesthetic cream before treatment. Your skin will look normal for a day or two, but it will then get light brown and look like you had a recent sunburn. Over several days peeling will occur leaving beautiful new pink skin. The irregular pigmentation will be gone and the texture will be much smoother.