Patient Review

I had a facelift in January and I am really thrilled with the results. People who don’t know say I look so rested, and people who do know say it is the most natural-looking facelift they have ever seen. I have had multiple requests for the name of the surgeon and clinic and am happy to oblige. The whole experience, even taking into consideration the healing time involved, could not have been better. Dr. Sanovich and his staff were so concerned with my comfort and outcome it was amazing. For example, in response to a texted question from me, I received an answer late at night, after the doctor had put his children to bed. I consider that above and beyond and I truly felt completely cared for. I had checked out prices on facial surgery and I felt that Dr. Sanovich’s fees were totally in line with anybody else’s. But I feel that I got so much more in surgical skill and care than other recent facelifts I have seen. And even now, during follow-up visits, the doctor is still tweaking the results. He truly is pickier about my face than I am, and that’s saying a lot! I am so happy I did this, and even happier that I picked Dr. Sanovich and his team. They are all amazing!

- Christa O

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