Arthroscopic Surgery

While arthroscopic surgery of large joints like the knee and shoulder are standard fare and widely available, arthroscopic surgery on smaller joints like the TMJ is less common. Painful jaw symptoms can be decreased by cleaning out joint inflammation and medicating the joint space. Arthroscopic surgery on the TMJ is more complicated than the larger joints due to potential complications with middle ear and surrounding nerves to the face arise, and the small size of the joint. Dr. Sanovich has adopted the McCain technique and utilizes the McCain arthroscope to eliminate any potential problems.

Dr. Joseph McCain, broadly recognized as one of the founding fathers of TMJ arthroscopy, on the McCain technique using the McCain arthroscope. The McCain arthroscope is the most sophisticated optics available in small joint arthroscopy and provides excellent images given its micro size of 1.8 millimeters, just over one 16th of an inch. The McCain Technique is minimally invasive. The procedure is quick and very effective with a success rate of 90%. Also, the small diameter of the scope allows for more instrumentation of the joint and more mobility of the scope in the joint space.