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This JUNE we’re highlighting a highly requested procedure under Surgical Spotlight. Learn more about how Dr. Sanovich performs an Otoplasty and a Lobuloplasty and how he can help you achieve your goals. 


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Surgical Spotlight 
Cosmetic Ear Surgery for Prominent Ears
Prominent, protruding or poorly shaped ears can be flattened and contoured to a more elegant form with ear reshaping surgery. The cartilage in the ear is responsible for its shape.
The cartilage is flexible and elastic so it can be bent but will return to its original shape. 
By altering the amount, thickness or shape of the cartilage, the contour of the ears can be permanently improved. 


Pricing varies due to complexity of surgery, 
typically ranges from $3900-7500


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Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation 
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This is the surgical repair of a split or torn earlobe(s). Piercing yours ears
puts the earlobe at risk for stretching, tearing or scarring. Due to the
location, the tears are often split and very visible. Earlobe repair
surgery fixes the split and allows you to wear earrings again.


Pricing varies due to complexity of repair, typically ranges from $500-1000 per ear
A Look Inside the OR: Lobuloplasty (Earlobe Repair) by Dr. Randy Sanovich
Click video above to learn how a Lobuloplasty is done
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