My ears stick out, what can I do?

Several procedures are available for altering the shape or size of the ears. Some ears protrude out too much and require the ears to be set back closer to the head. Other ears are too long or some earlobes are overly redundant. Other people suffer from torn earlobes often because of wearing pierced earrings.

Prominent, protruding or poorly shaped ears can be flattened, and contoured to a more elegant form with ear reshaping surgery. The cartilage in the ear is responsible for its shape. The cartilage is flexible and elastic so it can be bent but will return to its original shape. By altering the amount, thickness or shape of the cartilage, the contour of the ears can be permanently improved.

Computer imaging is usually performed before ear reshaping so that you can see what changes are possible. This helps you see exactly how you want your ears to look, and it helps Dr. Randy Sanovich determine the best technique to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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