Lifestyle Lift Shuts Down Most of Its Business, Considers Bankruptcy

This headline, published in The Wall Street Journal on March 2, 2015, summarizes the demise of a national facial cosmetic surgical procedure provider that was the focus of many questions from our patients.

Some of our patients came to us after a consultation at the Lifestyle Lift center in Dallas. Many patients were disappointed because they had little or no time with a surgeon during their consultation at the other office. They compared the experiences they had at the Lifestyle Lift center with their experiences in our office, and were amazed at the amount of time Dr. Sanovich and Dr. McBride spent with them during their consultations. We feel that the different experiences are due to the patient centered approach that is the focus of our patient care, and is frequently missing in other practices.

At Dallas Surgical Arts, we encourage all patients to spend as much time with our doctors and staff as they need to understand their problems, the various treatment options, and the time, cost and potential improvements to be expected. Come to us for a complimentary facial cosmetic surgical consultation and experience the difference. Call today to schedule Dallas Surgical Arts Phone Number 972-776-4888! You will be glad you did!

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