Here Are the Benefits of Getting Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery is a type of surgery done to correct misaligned jaws. Either skeletal or dental irregularities can cause the misalignment of a jaw. Having a misaligned jaw is entirely normal, and while corrective jaw surgery is not commonly done, there are many benefits to undergoing it.

The Benefits of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Having a misaligned jaw can impact your daily life. Some people may have trouble eating, while others may experience severe jaw pains. There are various benefits to corrective jaw surgery, and these are all listed below.

1. Clearer Speech

Having a misaligned jaw can cause you to talk muffled or slurred. This may be uncomfortable for you and others listening, who may not be able to understand you. Clearer speech after corrective jaw surgery is a common side effect, making it easier to speak to others.

2. More Comfort While Eating

Eating after corrective jaw surgery can be a lot more comfortable. While you may have gotten used to chewing with a misaligned jaw, you may not realize how uncomfortable it is until you get it corrected. Eating with a corrected jaw is much more convenient.

3. Better Sleep

Misaligned jaws can affect one’s sleep in several ways. First, it affects the airway anatomy of a person, which could result in sleep apnea. If left untreated, sleep apnea can become dangerous. On the other hand, misaligned jaws can also result in unconscious teeth grinding or cheek biting. Both of which are not only uncomfortable but could damage your dental health.

4. Fewer Dental Issues

As mentioned above, the teeth are greatly affected by a misaligned jaw. They are misused, and it causes your mouth to place extra pressure on them. Once there is this extra pressure on the teeth, they grind against each other. This can result in their wear and tear, resulting in teeth damage and loss if left alone.

5. Improved Appearance

While a misaligned jaw is common, some have it more noticeable than others. This can result in an asymmetrical appearance, and while it is not necessarily a bad thing, it could lead to some insecurities about their look. With corrective jaw surgery, your face would look more symmetrical, and while it does not necessarily mean you look better, it will give you a confidence boost.

6. Less Jaw Pain

A misaligned jaw strains your jaw joints. If you have gotten used to it, you may not have noticed the slight pain or discomfort you experience. However, some people experience this chronic pain and are always uncomfortable when it comes to their jaw. Even just moving their jaws could be painful for other people. A corrective jaw surgery releases the strain on your jaw joints and allows you to relax. It will efficiently resolve any chronic pain you are experiencing with your jaw.

7. Better Breathing

Some people with misaligned jaws tend to be chronic mouth breathers. As mentioned, this is because a misaligned jaw affects the airway anatomy of the body. With corrective jaw surgery, your breathing is corrected, and you no longer have to be a chronic mouth breather.


While you may have lived with a misaligned jaw for years, you may not have known that corrective jaw surgery is an option. If you are unhappy with your jaw’s position, you may wish to consider getting a corrective jaw surgery done. Your life will be impacted in so many ways, most of which will allow you to have a much better quality of life.

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