Rhinoplasty in Dallas

The Nose You Deserve

Nose reshaping can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance and function of your nose. Dallas Surgical Arts provides rhinoplasty procedures to those who are bothered by certain aspects of their nose as well as those who have trouble breathing due to issues with the nasal septum.

What Bothers You

Our first priority is correcting the facial features that bother you. The nose can be increased or decreased in size, narrowed or widened, lengthened or shortened to balance perfectly with your other facial features. You may benefit from rhinoplasty if you are unhappy with:

  • A hump on the bridge of your nose.
  • A wide nose.
  • An excessively large nose.
  • The round, bulbous tip of your nose.
  • The way in which the tip of your nose pulls down when you smile.
  • A lack of facial asymmetry.
  • Your nasal tip being too high.
  • The width of the base of your nose.

The Perfect Fit

As we seek to create the nose of your dreams, it’s crucial we consider all aspects pertaining to your particular face and personality. Dr. Sanovich believes that there is no such thing as the perfect nose and that individual features add character to the face and make a person unique. Our goal is not cookie-cutter results. Instead, we strive to maintain your distinct look while working with your existing bone structure and facial anatomy to sculpt the most balanced and proportional appearance possible. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to maintain a particular family trait in regard to your face?
  • Does your ideal nose harmonize with the rest of your face?
  • Are you considering the profile view of your ideal nose in addition to the frontal and angled side views?
  • Does the nose you have in mind fit your personality?

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Computer Imaging

We perform computer imaging before all rhinoplasty procedures so patients can see how their nose will look after various treatment options. Computer imaging also helps patients develop realistic expectations regarding the final result, recognizing anatomical or technical limitations. Perhaps the greatest benefit of computer imaging is that it ensures that you and Dr. Sanovich are on the same page, as you view the exact image of your goal together.

What to Expect

Rhinoplasty is usually performed under light general anesthesia and local anesthesia in our outpatient surgical suite. As the nose is reshaped, some bone or cartilage may be removed. To ensure optimal results, Dr. Sanovich takes extra time to meticulously place fine stitches, removing as little cartilage as possible and grafting cartilage into weak areas. We have found that our surgeon’s keen eye for detail and determination to go above and beyond the standard surgical protocol translates into shorter recovery time and better overall results for the patient.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Once surgery is complete, a splint is applied over the bridge of the nose to maintain the desired form. Within five or six days, the splint and the stitches on the outside of the nose will be removed. Patients usually have very little discomfort after surgery. If you experience mild swelling, bruising, or stuffiness of the nose, nasal decongestant sprays and cold packs can help to maintain a satisfactory airway and minimize swelling. Most patients can resume normal activities within three to six days. Strenuous activities should be curtailed for two to three weeks.

For more information about Rhinoplasty or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanovich, call us at Dallas Surgical Arts Phone Number 972-776-4888.

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I love my results after having a nose job. Dr. Sanovich is very knowlegable and has a great bedside manner. I have recommended this office to everyone at church.

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