Neck Lift

A neck lift is the equivalent of the lower one-half of a face lift. It is useful for those with hereditary excess, sagging skin in the neck, but with good facial skin contour. It is used where there is so much skin laxity that a good result cannot be obtained with liposuction and muscle repair alone, so that removal of excess skin in necessary.

A neck lift can restore the dramatic, tight, athletic contours of a youthful neck with only half the surgery of a conservative face lift. It defines the jaw line, and appears to lengthen the neck. Call today and schedule a consult: Dallas Surgical Arts Phone Number 972-776-4888.

It may be the best option for men and women who are reluctant to have a face lift but have poor neck contours. It can be combined with a midface lift, brow lift or other procedures to produce overall facial rejuvenation. And the recovery is surprisingly rapid. 

Summary of the Neck Lift Procedure

The neck lift is performed under a light general anesthetic. A long lasting local anesthetic is also used to maintain optimal comfort during recovery. The front of the neck is contoured first. Neck liposuction and platysma muscle tightening (see Liposuction) are performed through a small incision under the chin. The portion of the neck just in front, below, and behind the ears is tightened through an incision around the ear lobe, behind the ear, and extending down where it is hidden in the hairline. A tunnel is created under the skin so it can be slid back easily. The loose skin is gently tightened behind the ear, and the excess is removed. The incisions are closed with dissolving sutures.

Neck Lift Surgery Recovery

A neck support bandage is applied to reduce swelling and bruising. The support should be worn for several days to help shorten the recovery and healing processes. The support bandage can be removed for a few hours each morning and afternoon, so that you can shower and get out of the house for some errands.

There is usually some mild bruising and swelling low in the neck, and a temporary tight feeling in the neck. The hair usually covers the neck suture line, and the ear makes the rest of the suture line inconspicuous. The recovery is comfortable, and will take about 6 to 8 days before you are ready to return to work.

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