Renew Facelift (Medium Lift)

The Renew Facelift, completed by Dr. Randy Sanovich, is crafted for the patient who experiences moderate skin laxity coupled with neck draping. The Renew Facelift’s incisions are small and are made in the hairline and in a small area around the back of the ear. Scars are hidden in the natural posterior crease of the ear and in the hairline along the neck.

The Renew Facelift involves Dr. Randy Sanovich creating minimal incisions, tightening the cheek muscle and fat layer in front of the ears, lifting the cheeks and jowls, tightening the neck, and flattening the cheek folds. Performed in-office, the Renew Facelift procedure typically requires 2 – 3 hours to perform, with post-operative downtime lasting 7 – 14 days. This lift is ideal for patients with moderate skin and neck laxity, some jowling, and slight wrinkles.

Before & After Renew Facelift

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