Brow Lift 101: What Is It & When Should You Get One

As people age, it’s normal to notice physical signs of the years of your life. For instance, wrinkles start showing up, and creases in brows appear. The skin on the face becomes looser, which might also mean that the brows will sag.

If you are unhappy with what you see in the mirror, you can try a brow lift procedure. Here are some essential things to note about a brow lift to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that lifts the skin on the forehead and gives brows a more youthful appearance. It is typically done to provide a younger, fresher look to the face.

A brow lift can take place in the aesthetician’s office or the hospital. The physician places the patient under general anesthesia. Then, they make small incisions in the scalp to reach the skin and muscle beneath the brow.

The surgeon smooths out the existing skin and tightens the muscle pulling the brow down. Next, the physician closes the incisions with stitches.

The procedure takes about an hour to complete.

What Are the Situations When You Should Get a Brow Lift?

The main situations when people seek out a brow lift are:

1. When You Are Having More and More Wrinkles

As you age, you will notice more and more wrinkles in your brows. That’s because the skin on the face starts to lose elasticity.

Then, the skin droops because the muscle beneath the skin becomes loose. Aside from that, wrinkles and creases will appear in the brows.

2. When Facial Tissue Is Obstructing Your Sight

Lines and creases in the brows can start to obstruct the vision of the eyes. Furthermore, the skin on the forehead can begin to sag, and brows can become heavy. Hence, they start to fall over the eye, limiting your view.

3. If You Have Droopy Brows

When you’re young, you have well-defined and prominent brows. In fact, you might have already noticed the line between the brow and the upper eyelid as a sign of aging.

However, as you age, the skin loses some of its elasticity, which might eventually result in droopy brows.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Brow Lift?

Recovery time for a brow lift depends on the individual. The stitches take about one week to heal. During that time, the skin will be bruised. There will also be some swelling, lasting for about two weeks.

Then, there’s a return to normal activity after 6-8 weeks. The recovery depends on the lifestyle and the individual.

How Long Does a Brow Lift Last?

A brow lift can last for a long time. It can last up to 10 years, although there’s no guarantee that you will have the same results once that time comes.

The time frame varies from patient to patient. How likely it is that your results will last for 10 years will depend on the frequency of the procedure.

Final Thoughts

If you are unhappy with your brow’s appearance, a brow lift might be a good option for you. It’s an effective procedure, and an experienced cosmetic surgeon or doctor can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

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